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We desire to provide all stone suitable for monument lettering and placement, no matter its location in the world.

We offer two formats for memorial production:
[1] Domestic (inside USA)
[2] Import (outside USA)

All stone is of the highest quality and workmanship, and is fully guaranteed by our company and our manufacturers.

Standard stone types are white, gray, and pink marble, and granite of all colors including gray, black, blue, green, mahogany, pink and red. At present we offer over 50 color choices of natural stone.


As a company, our policy has always been to provide our product in as timely a manner as possible. We strive to meet all dates requested when physically possible if the stonework is within our extensive inventory of over 600 units.

However, if stonework needs to be manufactured, our ability to completely control the time frame is difficult. Our normal production schedule is as follows:

  • Standard orders — 6–10 weeks
  • Domestic custom orders — 8–12 weeks
  • Import custom orders — 12–20 weeks

All the above are approximate times and depend on the manufacturer, shipping and weather conditions. The approximate time frame for your order will be given when the order is placed.

Stone Finishes

  • Polished – smooth, shiny finish
  • Steeled – smooth, matte finish
  • Natural – broken rock

FINISH 2 – Selected finish on front and back, top and sides left natural
FINISH 3 – Selected finish on front, back and top, sides left natural
FINISH 5 – Selected finish on front, back, top and sides


All of our placements, from the largest monument to the smallest cornerpost, include a dry-pack concrete foundation for lasting stability as long as the foundation is placed on solid ground (most monuments are on undisturbed soil while most markers are partially on the grave, which is disturbed soil).

The foundation is placed into the ground for the stone to rest upon without using water to mix. The ground moisture and washing process of the stone is enough to firm the foundation over the period of several days.

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